Product Line

Whether you’re a homeowner in need of a solution for striping your lawn, or you’re a snow removal contractor searching for a sidewalk salt spreader, the TerraKing product line is here to help. Our innovative attachments and accessories are designed to make your tasks easier. Want to learn more? Check out our complete line of products below, or browse our Amazon Store to see how we can help you rule your domain.

TKV 20 Material Collection System


From grass in the spring to leaves in the fall, the TKV 20 will change the way you think about collecting material in your lawn. A robust blower system harnesses your tractor’s PTO power to easily move material into the large, 20-bu. (705-L) hopper. Once full, press the rocker switch to unload material, right from the seat of your tractor. When you’re finished, fold down the two integrated metal storage stands.

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5 cu ft Drop Spreader


TerraKing 5 cu ft Drop Spreaders are the proven choice for schools, college campuses, hospitals, municipalities, and snow-removal contractors in need of precision spreading. The 350 lbs. (159 kgs.) of material capacity, six-position gate, and industry-exclusive removable rotor tray are just a few features that will help ease the task of spreading. 3-point, 2-in. receiver, and Steiner hitches are available as attachment methods.

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Quick Hitch Bushing Kit


Quick Hitch Bushing Kits are the fast and simple solution for making the pins on your Category 1 implement compatible with a quick hitch. Each kit includes two steel shoulder bushings, two top-link bushings, and two roll pins. To install a kit, simply slide the shoulder bushings over your implement’s lower links and secure them in place with the roll pins (included). Then, install the top link bushings over the top link pin and your implement is ready for snug, rattle-free use.

Leaf Bags


Got leaves? Leaf Bags are the fast, convenient, and affordable solution to enhance your existing collection system. Made from abrasion-resistant fabric, these bags provide 54 cu ft (43 bu) of capacity. Simply slip the bag over the hood of your ride-on mower’s collection system (not included) and secure it in place with the adjustable cord locks. Once the bag is full, removal and unloading are just as quick and easy. Two different versions are available to work with two- and three-bag collection systems.

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If you want to improve the traction of the turf tires on your lawn and garden tractor in snow and ice, TerraGrips are the perfect choice. These unique tire chains consist of multi-ply rubber slats that are easy to install without the need for tools. Once equipped, traction is greatly enhanced in wintery conditions where turf tires frequently underperform and regular tire chains can damage surfaces like driveways. Numerous sizes are available (in pairs) to fit a variety of tires with overall diameters ranging from 18 to 26 inches.

Poly Blade Edge Kits

42-, 46-, 48-, 54-, 60-, AND 72-IN. VERSIONS

Minimize surface abrasion from plowing with a Poly Snow Blade Edge Kit. In comparison to steel edges, poly edges are less abrasive, but also produce less noise and vibration. The ⅝-in. (1.58-cm)-thick Ultra-High Molecular-Weight (UHMW) polyethylene is strong, yet lightweight and highly resistant to impacts, abrasions, and moisture. This edge can be flipped for extended use. Available in multiple sizes for snow blades on lawn and utility tractors, ATVs, and UTVs.

20-in. Blade Marker Kits


Visibility is crucial when you’re pushing material with a front blade or throwing snow with a snow blower. Constructed from high-strength cable wrapped in plastic, these flexible 20-in. (50.8-cm) markers can help you eliminate the guesswork. A 2-in. (5.1-cm.) band of reflective tape is also incorporated at the top of the markers to further enhance your visibility. Stainless steel hardware is included with the two color options.