About Us

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a better lawn striping solution, or you’re a snow removal contractor searching for a sidewalk salt spreader, TerraKing products are here to help you rule your domain, wherever and whenever that might be.

Established in 2011, TerraKing is an offshoot of Superior Tech, Inc. Our mission is to arm our customers with innovative, universal attachments and accessories that help make their jobs easier. As a family-owned business located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania we take pride in the products we develop and build. When you purchase a TerraKing product, you’re getting an in-house design that’s backed with years of industry experience. Should you need it, our prompt and courteous support team is ready to help you.

In 2014, AccuSpread, Inc. of Hastings, MN was acquired and added to the TerraKing family. This offering of stainless steel spreaders played an important role in providing access to the snow removal marketplace and helped us develop our current 5 cu. ft. Drop Spreader.